Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 13: Zigzag

Confession-time! Easter in Spain is not as warm and fuzzy as one would think. I mean, I would think that if someone celebrates Easter then they celebrate it with colorful eggs and chocolate and gifts. Yup, when I was a kid I used to get small gifts from the Easter Bunny. And hey-hello, I was born in Soviet Union. So I would have assumed that it was all even more colorful on the other side of the Iron Curtin. 

However, they do celebrate in style. I was told that the Easter processions are the main Easter "attraction". I was lucky enough to catch one 'cos most of them were canceled due to rainy (seriously, it was more like a drizzle, not real rain). Conveniently enough those hoods they were at those processions are sakilised (zigzag pattern can be formed of them).

All of this was accompanied by a brass band and some rattling sounds. As many things in Madrid then this as well felt like a scene from a movie. With my limited knowledge about catholic traditions I must say that while I understand the whole mourning aspect and need for something depressing then I would still kind of hope for something sunny on an Easter Sunday. 

They sell Easter candy (like some chocolate bunnies) at more fancy stores and I haven't spotted any egg decorations nor paint. So I decided to decorate the egg carton for some Easter Sunday spirit. With some zigzag flower-power.

However, my favorite Easter-related find was this. Little Mr. Blue with zigzag head.

I wish you all a very happy Easter Sunday and if you have as mixed feelings about nazarenos (those guys with those pointy hoods) then go ahead and google them. You can find out  a thing or two. I did. And still have mixed feelings. However, it is always interesting to learn new things.



  1. Wow, that procession looks so intriguing. A little scary with those hoods and the solomn attitude, but very interesting.

    I love your personal Easter decoration!

    1. It was a bit scary indeed. Made me wonder if catholic people really relate to it and all. So out of this world for me.

      And thanks, I was very pleased with the quick solution to my need of a decoration that contains eggs. :)

  2. As an American these hoods scare me because they make me think of the KKK. Very interesting though!

    I wish you came over and decorated my house for Easter :)

    1. They also scare me for the very same reason. Off the record I call them KKK. xD

      Hah, maybe I will one day. Mwaahhaaaa... ;)

  3. How interesting. I suppose it makes sense as Catholicism is such a beautiful, reverent denomination. Are the eggs and candy more of an American tradition?
    It would still be a fun experience to witness such a procession.

    1. Hm, I think many countries in Europe celebrate Easter with candy and eggs and small gifts. We do so in Estonia, for sure. Maybe they also do so in some parts of Spain, I don't know. But by the look of it they don't and some people I talked to also confirmed my suspicions (lack of candy and eggs).

      The procession was a very interesting and unique experience for me.