Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Get Manual

Manual focusing - yes, it's this thing when you turn out autofocus on your (D)SLR and try to get the image sharp trusting your eye. It had always daunted me, because well, my eyesight is not the best ever and all in all, it seems fussy. But as they say - desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess they also say that practice makes perfect, but well, I hadn't had much. So let's discard that.

I like, no wait, I love music! And ever so often I get the urge to try to take some photos at concerts. However, concert venues are not kind to anyone with a camera - unpredictable light (and too little of it), moving artists, crazy crowd trying to jump on you. To put it short, tons of movement and no light. Plus you are usually stuck in one spot. 

Some weeks ago Beach House played in Madrid. They had picked Marques Toliver as their support artist. I had never heard of him before and I was in for a treat. Visually and musically. He filled the room with his positive energy.
I just had to capture some of his performance on my camera. However, my camera disagreed. It was not up to focusing. So, I was like - whatever dude, I can do it on my own. And I went all manual. In a dark room trying to keep my camera as stable as possible and lending it my poor sight... I think I did well, very well. Kind of proves the point that you just have to try new things. And you must be the boss of the camera, not the other way around.
Some passion and concentration
Some captive story-telling
Some priceless expressions
Here's to music and bossing your camera around!



  1. YEAH. You are so brave. I'm only using my iPhone camera. :) I love these pictures. That last expression on his face is fantastic.

    1. I just have no concert dates. :D So I get to toy around. Well, anyhow, I also use my iPhone camera a lot and love it. I pretty much got an iPhone for the camera (and 'cos I wanted to fit in with the hipster kids, hahaha). ;)

  2. Well the photos turned out fabulous for being at a concert and moving around! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  3. Wow, you did really well. These pictures are fantastic. And I love Beach House. Must have been great.

    1. Thanks, Loulou! Yes, it was a really nice concert. Beach House was a lot more difficult to take photos of tho. ;)