Monday, March 25, 2013

I Zig and I Zag

This week's word is sakiline. Which at its best translates into zigzag. To be frank I couldn't figure out the best translation. Today more than one of my friends are celebrating their birthdays and while I can't be there I can do a little virtual zigzag disco dancing for them, yeah!
iPhone 4S, Hipstamatic, Afterlight
On a different note. Have to share this story called "Lonely hunter. Better hunt." (found via Petapixel). Wandering aimlessly around cities is one of my favorite things to do, so I can see where the author is coming from. I guess the best way to travel is to combine alone-time with social-time. I can also assure you that having spent a day on your own you really wish you had someone with you to share all the new exciting things with. Or then it's just me, I can be very chatty. And always dreaming of new destinations.

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Happy week! I am thinking of capturing some Easter moods. Fingers crossed I can fit it in my schedule and the weatherman is kind.



  1. I already follow you on bloglovin, but I just double followed you.

    I remember I liked staying in bed and breakfasts in Scotland because every morning there was another traveler hanging around for me to talk to about my adventures the day prior. I also just talked to random people, because I too can be chatty.

    1. Maybe I should talk to random people more, sounds like fun. Sometimes I do. Usually I don't.