Thursday, October 10, 2013

Always Coca-Cola

I am not sure if there were more places with Coca-Cola signs in Marrakech or I noticed the logo more, because it was something overly familiar. Maybe they have Coca-Cola all over London and Paris, too, but it goes unnoticed as it's nothing "strange". But when you're in a city which is in many ways different from what you're used to (let's be honest - when going to Paris it will feel somehow familiar 'cos the landmarks are so famous and known) you notice familiar more? Or maybe, seriously, they just love Coca-Cola A LOT in Morocco. 


So yes, always Coca-Cola.



  1. Oh I do love street photography and you got some goods shots here. That's an interesting question about Coke. Now that you've mentioned it I'm going to start trying to notice it here.

    1. Street photography is one of my favorites, too.
      And I look forward to your observations about Coca-Cola. ;)