Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 42: Design

I thought that today is as good as any other day to introduce you one of my favorite places round here - Matadero Madrid. It's a contemporary art center located in an old slaughterhouse. It is plain awesome, I tell you! And not only 'cos it's in this awesome old area with cool buildings, but there is always something going on and you can find everything from cinema to design (week 42: design - check!). Not to mention that one of my favorite city music festivals takes place there (you can find some of my photos here and here). 

I don't go there often enough (I should totally live/work closer), but I did this weekend and here is a glimpse into some the current exhibitions.

And there was also another cool exhibition at the Design Center called Con Dos Colores, but I was too busy there and didn't bag any photos to share.

From Casa del Lector - a place dedicated to reading!

I really feel like I need to cover my living room floor in plasticine now (not the smartest idea!). Curious fact - that space used to be a walk-in cooler of the slaughterhouse. Don't want that in my living room. 

Places like Matadeo Madrid fille me with excitement and inspiration, hopefully some of it transferred also over to you, my dear readers! And hey, if you happen to be in Madrid, make sure to stop by - on top of everything the exhibitions are for free!


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