Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hey, Put a Record On

Finally, yes finally! Finally I got myself a turntable. It happened some weeks ago. After years of thinking I should get a new turntable I finally got round to researching the market a bit and making the purchase. In the end I went for Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. In case you were wondering (what do you mean you don't care?!). I must say it's not a kind market, either you go high end or you get something automatic and/or poorly constructed. At least round here. Of course if you were a true (?!) audiophile you'd get one of those old ones and fix it up. 

Records are fun to shoot with multiple exposure feature. Slower shutter speed for motion and sense of movement. And a stopped record for getting the title in focus.

I used to have a record player as kid, so I wanted one. Plus we have a pile of vinyls back at home. In Madrid I have a handful of records, but well - now I have a legit reason to get more. 

And oh boy, those modern day records look fun. It's like having a piece of tangible art at home, not just the sound.

One odd thing tho. When I went to second hand record stores I noticed they're packed with guys. I was the only female there in most cases. Where do girls shop for music? It's not an appropriate pastime for a lady?! :)

So, what now? Will I go all old school and shop vinyls only and sticking my nose up when it comes to CDs, mp3s etc?! Noooo! However, while my childhood record player still works and I bought a single from 1968 for one euro and it played fine on my new player, then during my CD-era I have gone through several CD players and some CDs have just stopped working though I have taken good care of them. Makes one wonder what shall last longer... One way or another, music is love. 

One more fun try with photographing the records - I used a slow shutter speed and moved the zoom during shooting. 

What's on your playlist at the moment? I am hooked on Arcade Fire's Reflektor


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