Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 43: Feels Like Home

Addict. Yes, I am.

I am addicted to sofas and TV series. At least when I am really super tired after a long week and a day trip. And while I watched more than one and less than five (read: four) episodes of Parks and Recs today I also snapped some home-photos. Because nothing feels like home like home. Duh. 

There you had it. Shot with iPhone 4S and edited with VSCO Cam (because I love this app and I wrote about it here). Feels like home. A friend of mine said she doesn't understand Instagram.  I guess this update is like a collection of potential Instagram shots. I'd say it's all about World domination and shoe-selfies.  And seriously - there is something special to sharing a photo of your kitchen sink. What's there to understand?! (all said with a hint of self-irony, love and general admiration)

Happy Sunday! Round here we got an extra hour of Sunday, so it's been extra happy.



  1. You have such a nice place. I love your green chair and orange wall! Here we get our extra hour of Sunday this weekend.

    1. Thank you! Enjoy your extra hour! Even though I am not happy about the darker evenings after all. :P

  2. Love this post! I, too, enjoy looking at the homes that characters in tv shows and movies live in. Sometimes it can be very inspiring for updating. :) The light in your home is lovely.