Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 41: A Pose

I am one lucky duck (and not just because I gave my hoodie this awesome makeover) as my two beloved friends popped over (read: flew for hours) for the weekend! While we all take many life matters very seriously then we surely have learned that taking ourselves overly serious is plain wrong. So, we have fun. Just like that

My friend Dori is running a little bakery as a side business, she's like super-talented, check out this Chris Martin cake topper she made for me (we were pre and post celebrating our birthdays, why have a birthday when you can have a birthseason)! Besides eating cake (obviously) we also had a little cupcake inspired photo shoot for Dori's Bakery.

I must say hot glue gun is my favorite thing ever! Could easily attach a party prop to a hair comb. And a stick to printable glasses (that I spray painted pink... yes, I have hot pink spray paint just lying around).

I cropped some photos with 1:1 ratio, so they could be easily used as profile pics for example. 

While other photos I left in their original ratio (more or less), because for example this makes an awesome cover photo, don't you agree!?

Waterfall and cupcakes, this is Heaven on Earth. 

Striking a pose is not easy, especially if you have someone giving you odd technical advice (guilty as charged). For me it's a 100% teamwork to make any portrait work. In the end it comes down to trying different things, being open to different ideas and connecting with the person. Oh and a hot glue gun helps, too. 

Gosh, how I love that little waterfall even though Dori complained getting all wet, but who said that modeling has to be easy. :) 

Thank you for stopping by and have a happy midweek, folks! Eat a cupcake, strike a pose!



  1. What a fun photoshoot! Love the props and am most impressed that you just happen to have bright pink spray paint handy.