Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Friends & Foods

It's cloudy and rainy and gloomy in Madrid and I love it! Because I have this pot of hot tea and I am crawled up on my sofa in a hoodie listening to Tired Pony. I have had this song on repeat for like half a day... Now where was I, right, friends & foods.

As I mentioned last week I had friends over. You already met Dori here and since she runs a wee bakery I just had to give food photography a go.

No wait, what's that - I should probably not get into food photography 'cos I wanna edit it all like a rock star, the table is the stage (harsh lights and sharp contrasts). Then again - yes, we had an awesome rockin' cake with Gary Lightbody and Chris Martin as cake toppers! So maybe the table is a stage after all. We love cake, we love music and we are nerds, so that's why. Plus yes - Dori made it all happen! She came with the guys from Northern Ireland and assembled the stage cake here.

Action, lights, go!

So, awesome is the way we roll round here.

And look, Maria was here, too! 

She came baring luxury goods - yes, caviar! 

This concludes my attempts at food photography for now. It's more of an action photography. And a bit of rock'n'roll photography. Either way I am hungry now. 


Ps. Isn't it cool when your friends just go with the flow and don't mind spontaneous mini-shoots in elevators for example. I think it's totally cool. 


  1. Nice shots and I bet the cakes tasted very good. Yes, it is cool when your friends come to expect you to take photos because it is what you do! It's fun having someone who is willing to model and doesn't mind if you post their pictures online.