Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 40: Circles

This week I was out to shoot circles. However, in reality I was out shooting concerts and enjoying music. So I shot things of all shapes inside and framed them in circles. Here they come - the little circles of my home/weekend. I used iPhone 4s and Afterlight app (read more about it here).

From the terrace garden (read: some magical strawberries that just grow, no effort needed).

From the walls.

From the kitchen.

From the breakfast table. Magazine love. Pancake love, too. Last of my homemade pear and vanilla jam. 

From the crafts corner (read: all over the place). Friends are coming over. We will celebrate. I like pink. And the fumes of spray paint.

From the flea market. I love a good deal and local releases with translations. Spandau Ballet and The Byrds.

Over and out. Have a good week and enjoy whatever's left of the weekend!


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